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The Ultimate Guide to Full Ceramic Bearings In Water Processing, Water Filtration and Liquid Handling (Part 2)

Generally speaking, ceramic materials are extremely durable. Most of them are man-made using chemical processes, and consequently can withstand extremely high temperatures and corrosive materials.

Full ceramic bearings have a much longer lifespan than hybrid ceramic bearings or the steel alternatives, particularly when they aren’t placed under a considerable load. This can be attributed to many properties of full ceramic bearings. Firstly, ceramics are much stronger. As a result, the balls or races of the bearing do not become distorted when placed under load. However, the superiority of full ceramic material increases with the load, and full ceramic materials are still at risk of premature failure in these cases.

The main limitation of ceramic bearings if the fact they can be quite brittle. Consequently, you must analyze the load to ensure the chose material can cope with the stress. Zirconia Oxide will handle large loads better than the rest of the full ceramic materials.

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The Ultimate Guide to Full Ceramic Bearings In Water Processing, Water Filtration and Liquid Handling (Part 1)

Bearings are essential mechanical components of machinery used in a variety of industries. A bearing’s purpose is to help facilitate desired motion, limit undesired movement, and reduce friction. Bearings are thought to date back as far as the ancient Egyptian era, when wooden bearings were used to assist with the movement of heavy objects. Since then, the concept has developed considerably; bearings now come in a variety of forms, and are made from many different types of materials.

Bearings are an essential component in the majority of mechanical designs and equipment. It is important to consider the most effective materials when designing industrial machinery, especially in applications where water, or other liquids are present. Many materials will be unable to overcome the challenges associated with operating in a wet or corrosive environment.

To overcome the challenges faced by industries involved in water processing, water filtration and liquid handling, full ceramic bearings should be used. This paper will outline the properties of full ceramic bearings, and enable you to determine whether they are the most appropriate type for your mechanical processes.

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